Service - Virtual CFO

Companies in their early and growth stage (i.e. Startups and SME's), do not always need full time CFO's as they would not be able to keep them engaged fully or cannot afford the same mainly on account of their size. Such companies definitely need quality inputs from an experienced CFO and hence this concept of Virtual CFO.

Typically a Virtual CFO Services could be classified under the following two categories:

  • Stand-in CFO
    • Where the full-time CFO of the company in not in action for short period
  • Special Purpose CFO
    • To handle any of the following requirements
      • Listing Arrangement
      • IFRS Conversion
      • M&A
      • Cost Control

1. Strategic Planning

  • Business Plan assistance
  • Corporate planning and Structuring
  • Syndication of Funds
  • Forecasting and Performance analysis- Financial and Non financial parameters
  • Process Reengineering
  • Framing of Policies and procedure
  • Preparing Dashboard/Mashboards
  • Statutory Compliance
  • Obtaining Credit Rating
  • IFRS conversion
  • Investor and Board Reporting
  • Controllership:
    • Cost Management
    • Process Mapping and Implementation
    • Process Audits - Adherence to approved Policies and Procedures
    • Preparing SOP's

2. Operational Support

3. Statutory Compliance