Service - Auditing

Auditing & Certification

The importance of a good management audit system can hardly be over-emphasized, in today's competitive world.

We offer services under this service model:

  • Statutory
  • Internal
  • Management / Special
  • Due Diligence
  • Information Technology
  • Certification
    • Foreign Remittance
    • APR for RBI
    • Net-worth Certificates
    • Valuation Certificate

Some of the areas which get covered in the management audit are :

  • Implementation of the most appropriate internal control and internal check and internal audit systems.
  • Study of wastage and leakage at various levels.
  • Cost reduction and cost management solutions.
  • Selective audit of large expense heads & outflows.
  • Good Assurance system in respect of Revenue and Expenses to detect and prevent frauds.
  • Statutory Compliance Health Check
  • Study of Business Performance Measurement systems.
  • Special Investigations involving study of specific transactions.
  • Development of an appropriate accounting and audit  manual